Thundercrawl 14-15-16 June 2019

A driving tour that won’t cost you a fortune but will give you a trip to remember, driving on some of Europe’s finest roads (in some of Europe’s worst cars!).

Diamonds might be forever but your car certainly won’t last that long as you can only spend up to £200, so it is really a bit of an endurance event. Many teams will be raising money for charity. If that’s your aim then we more than welcome you but we don’t make it a condition of entry.

Thundercrawl Route

The 2019 Thundercrawl Rally is themed loosely on the Bond films, and so the route will take in some of the more memorable locations from some of the the films….(and plenty more besides), en-route to Venice. We ask teams to travel down to the start point in Reims on the Thursday before the Friday official start day. You can travel across the channel very early on the Friday morning but you could be very tight for time as you need to be at the start in Reims for 9.00am. It also would mean that you’d miss the registration get together at a local bar on the Thursday night.

How much does it cost to take part, and what's included?

The base entry fee inclusive of 2 people in a car, including a set of stickers and rally plaque, has been held at our 2016 prices and is £295 for a car with 2 passengers. Additional passengers are £65 each.

Spaces are limited to 80 cars, so please sign up as soon as possible. For payment details please click onto and complete the Sign Up page, which will automatically direct you to PayPal, where you can pay by debit or credit card. If you have any questions please contact us at (Please note that the entry fee does not include any accommodation or ferries).

Support en route

You are joking surely? Trust us, you really would not appreciate it if we deprived you of the uncertainty each day on whether your chosen chariot will make it to the next checkpoint, let alone start in the morning. Breaking down miles from anywhere, on a mountain pass in a strange country must be top banana in the entertainment stakes and worth the entry fee alone! “M” would welcome a call from your mobile though if you do have a breakdown, if only so we know you are safe.

What do you do each day besides driving?

The world is not enough of course, and to keep you and your passengers amused there will be a couple of tasks to perform en route, but if you just want to cruise through the countryside without taking part then that’s just as cool with us too. Remember rule number 1, this is categorically not a race across Europe, but a leisurely drive by like minded people, and there will be no advantage in arriving first.
Managing to coax your chosen wreck to the finish point should be reward enough but at the final night’s presentation ceremony, a cash prize will be awarded to the top 3 teams scoring the cumulative highest from the daily tasks. The overall winner will also receive a suitably dodgy trophy and Champagne! An additional prize will also be awarded by vote, for the best “pimp my ride” paint scheme, and at the organisers discretion anything else that takes our fancy. Every one is a winner and each participant will also be provided with an appropriately rubbish memento on finishing.What do you do each day besides driving?


Details of the general route can be seen on the route page and stop over points will be advised via Facebook and sent to you when you register so that you can book your accommodation in advance. Approximately a month before the start of the rally we will send you your rally guide which will contain final route details etc. and any advance task requirements (!) etc.

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