Day 1: Reims to Besançon
(Approximately 240 miles)

An early start in a large car park on the outskirts of Reims where all the teams can admire / laugh / take bets on the durability of each other’s vehicles! The first day’s route takes us through the Champagne region, and on through the French countryside to the ancient city of Besançon.

Day 3: Turin to Nice
(Approximately 200 miles)

Starting in Turin city centre after the day’s walkabout challenge, the route then heads south to the coast via the magnificent Col du Tende and the opulence of Monte Carlo, before finishing along the French Riviera in Nice.

Day 2: Besançon to Turin
(Approximately 250 miles)

Today we set out past scenic Lake Geneva and then on over stunning mountain passes through the Alps, including the awesome Grand St Bernard. Having completed the day’s challenges (and assuming you still have sufficient clutch, brakes and nerves intact!) we then head on towards the automobile capital of Italy, Turin.