About The Great Escape

First run in 2011, and revised for 2015 and 2017, this event is themed loosely on the sixties film depicting the true life events of the mass breakout of 76 allied airmen from a German POW in March 1944, the route takes in a number of historic wartime locations (and plenty more besides)… en-route to one of the world’s best known festivals, Munich’s legendary Oktoberfest… A great place to unwind at the end!

This is a rare opportunity for fans of the film to appreciate the real life events of courage and sacrifice that inspired the universal favourite epic… …and have a jolly good time taking part in a unique driving experience in a ridiculously priced car valued at £200 or less!

The Great Escape Route

Our most challenging but rewarding route so far, designed to give teams the once in a lifetime opportunity to visit several iconic wartime locations but have serious fun on the way. In fact you don’t need an interest in history to appreciate this event. If you like driving, cities and enjoy the nightlife, breakout a can of Dulux and paint up your car!

For this event we start not in France but in western Germany, and then onto former East Germany and the infamous Colditz Castle before heading into Poland and then back into Bavaria.

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