Day 1: Koblenz to Dresden
(Approximately 310 miles)

Starting out from a large car park on the outskirts of Koblenz where as usual all the teams can admire / laugh / take bets on the durability of each other’s vehicles! The first days route takes us through central Germany onto the famous POW camp at Colditz Castle,and then onto Dresden.

Day 3: Prague to Munich
(Approximately 240 miles)

Starting in a well known shopping mall to the west of Prague this third day is deliberately shorter on miles to give all teams ample time to get to Munich, check into their accommodation and be ready at the presentation bar for late afternoon before moving onto the Oktoberfest.

Day 2: Dresden to Prague
(Approximately 250 miles)

An early start in the beautifully restored old town of Dresden before heading east to Poland and the site of another famous prisoner of war camp, Stalag Luft 111, from where the largest mass escape by allied prisoners of war occurred in March 1944 as featured in The Great Escape Film. Finishing in the magnificence of Prague in the Czech Republic.