About Drive Another Day

Crumball Rally’s “Drive Another Day”, is a banger rally very loosely themed on the James Bond films. Previously known as “Thundercrawl”, it has been a favourite since it was launched in 2007.  Expanded to a 4-day event, along the way we will visit a couple of favourite attractions over the years, and new ones as we pass through France, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, Monte Carlo and onto the final destination of Nice

Not only will you need to drive “The Living Daylights”, we will throw in the usual daily “hurdles”, and you won’t have to be Goldfinger, as your car will only cost £200!

Drive Another Day Route

The “Drive Another Day” rally is designed to provide a fun but challenging route from NW France to the Cote d’Azur. The rally itself lasts 4 days, although like all our events you will of course need to allow time to get to the start, which for this event is in Reims (which is 2.5 hours drive from Calais or Boulogne).
Aside from the fine scenery offered by alpine mountains and lakes, we will be visiting several places and attractions featured in some of the many James Bond films over the years. From the splendour of Cortina (For Your Eyes Only), Solden (for the mountain top “ice Q” bar from SPECTRE), and to Venice (lately Casino Royale).
The event finishes with an awards ceremony in Nice on the Sunday, giving teams the opportunity to either scrap the cars before flying home on Monday, (or driving back if they so choose).

How much does it cost to take part, and what's included?

The discounted entry fee inclusive of 2 people in a car (including a set of stickers and rally plaque) was in 2023, £295 per car, plus £65 per additional passenger.

Spaces, as on all our rallies, are limited to 80 cars, and so it is better to sign up as soon as possible, once an event date is confirmed.  For payment details please click onto and complete the Sign Up page, which will automatically direct you to PayPal, where you can pay by debit or credit card. If you have any questions please contact us at enquiries@crumballrally.com. (Please note that the entry fee does not include any accommodation or ferries).

Support en route

Sorry but no!  Trust us, you really would not appreciate it if we deprived you of the uncertainty each day on whether your chosen chariot will make it to the next checkpoint, let alone start in the morning. Our advice is to travel light, so it will be easier to thumb a lift with other Crumballers if necessary.

What do you do each day besides driving?

Aside from the ever present challenge of hoping your chariot doesn’t  do a “Thunderball” on you, we give you a couple of tasks to perform en-route, but if you just want to “never say never again” through the countryside then that’s fine by us too.

Remember rule number 1, this is categorically not a race across Europe, but a leisurely drive by like minded people, and there will be no advantage in arriving first.

Managing to coax your chosen wreck to the finish point should be reward enough but at the final night’s presentation ceremony, a cash prize will be awarded to the top 3 teams scoring the cumulative highest from the daily tasks. The overall winner will also receive a suitably dodgy trophy and Champagne! An additional prize will also be awarded by vote, for the best “pimp my ride” paint scheme. Everyone is a winner and each participant will also be provided with an appropriately rubbish memento on finishing.


Details of the general route can be seen on the route page and stop over points will be advised via Facebook and sent to you when you register so that you can book your accommodation in advance. Approximately a month before the start of the rally we will send you your rally guide which will contain final route details etc. and any advance task requirements (!) etc.

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