Day 1: Reims to Chur
(Approximately 400 miles)

We will all meet in a large car park on the outskirts of Reims at 8.30am where all the teams can admire / laugh / take bets on the durability of each other’s vehicles! The first days route will take us through the gentle rolling countryside of the Champagne and Alsace regions of France before heading into the Swiss Alpine mountains to the picturesque city of Chur.



Day 3: Solden to Venice via Cortina
(Approximately 250 miles)

Day 4: Venice to Nice
(Approximately 350 miles)

From Solden, with the backdrop of the Otztal Alps, we all head to Venice, via Cortina D’Ampezzo in our “Lotus Esprits’”. 

An early freestyle start from Venice takes us west via the magnificent coast road to Nice for the awards ceremony and farewell party.


Day 2: Chur to Solden
(Approximately 130 miles)

Today, after an optional toboggan ride on the world famous Pradaschier toboggan run at over 3.1 km long, we head east over a series of mountain passes, finishing in the ski resort of Solden (Soelden). There we have the option of taking the cable car to the magnificent 3048 metre high mountain top “ice Q” bar, featured in SPECTRE.  The evening finishes off in a local bar.