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Just announced: 'The Italian Job' 2015 rally due to take place on 19th - 21st June.
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Welcome to The Crumball Rally Co, (Est.2006), the original organiser of budget classic and banger car rallies inspired by some of your favourite car and driving films.

Taking in some of the most stunning locations and awesome roads in Europe, our events guarantee a stimulating drive.

But it's not just about being behind the wheel... you'll need a sense of adventure (and possibly a tool kit) as you and your team crunch the miles either in a banger costing no more than a measly £200, or a small engine convertible.

Plenty of people complete the events for charity, with many tens of thousands already raised for local and national causes. Others just like an excuse to paint and customise their chosen vehicles and party their way through Europe. Whatever your motivation, you can be sure of a long weekend to remember!

Check out our 2014 events below:

THUNDERCRAWL – 25 – 26 – 27 JULY 2014
(Banger Rally) FULLY BOOKED

After a sell-out in 2007, 2008 and 2011, The Crumball Rally Co once again presents "Thundercrawl", our banger rally themed on the films of the world's favourite secret agent. Taking place over a long weekend in July it will pass through France, Switzerland and Italy onto the fabulous city of Venice, the final location from the film "Casino Royale". On the way we'll be visiting several of the most famous film settings including Blofeld's mountain lair (now a revolving restaurant) from "On Her Majesty's Secret Service", the Dam where Bond performs one of the world's highest bungee jumps in "Goldeneye", and the mountain passes where Goldfinger is chased in the DB5.

But it's not just about driving......the scenery is fantastic and of course you've got to complete it in a car costing no more than £200.

Are you up for it...of course you are....remember "you only live twice" so come and join us for a trip to remember.

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GRAND PRIX – 8 – 9 – 10 MAY 2014
(Tour for Ragtops and Bangers) FULLY BOOKED

If you don’t fancy a trip in a banger and you have a small engine roadster in the garage (or need an excuse to buy one!), we will again be running a trip for "Ragtops" as well as "Bangers" down to the Monaco Historic Grand Prix in May. We define a ragtop as any open topped car with an engine capacity up to 2500cc. There is no age limit so moderns and classics are equally welcome. "Bangers" are also welcome as usual and are defined as anything with a purchase price of £200 or less!

"Grand Prix" is the budget driving tour for continental driving and motorsport enthusiasts, crowned off of course with a visit to the Monaco Historic Grand Prix, which over the last few years has established itself as the pre-eminent world historic F1 meeting - with arguably more character and undoubtedly less cost that the modern race run two weeks later in Monte Carlo.

Brought to you by The Crumball Rally team, this is a relaxed tour that won't cost a fortune, but gives a fantastic experience to share with fellow enthusiasts, from alpine passes to lakeside chicanes to racing circuits of the past and present.

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